Humble beginnings:

Today, In Through the Window focuses mainly on creating our own content, in the form of documentary films. Founded in 2006, we began by offering production services to other production companies, to help them tell their stories. Credits are too extensive to list now, but here are the services that were originally offered, and links to a few highlights can be found here.


  • Producer

  • Director

  • Assistant Director

  • Writer

  • Transcribing

  • Production Manager

  • Production Coordinator

  • Production Assistant

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About the founder:

In Through the Window founder, Jillian Lee, is a Director, Writer, Producer (and Mother!) and co-ordinates documentaries, video and live events. She is dedicated to providing a platform for people to share their message. She says "I see my life's purpose as helping others recognize their inner voice and helping them use it. I believe the message that's in each of us will change the world." More information about Jillian can be found here.